Cement walls

After not very successful experiments with various systems appearing on the market, we have carefully chosen the Beton-CiRÉ screed. We have only slightly modified it by choosing the right sealant in order to develop a reliable system that retains its natural appearance and is a great alternative to ceramic tiles in shower enclosures. Today, after ten years of applications of Beton-clear, which we have even applied onto wooden surfaces in extreme cases, we can responsibly say that it is highly functional. Due to its limited elasticity, it also bridges over slight movements in the structure and micro-cracks. We apply it onto virtually any dry, firm and flat surface, and you can choose from three basic types of applications.

Basic features:

  • natural materials
  • almost seamless
  • warm surface that is very pleasant to the touch
  • has limited elasticity and bridges over cracks
  • durable
  • selection of the right sealant