We work with polyurethane most often. Its favourable technical properties predestine this material for the vast majority of interiors. Originally a complement to our floors, it became a very popular stand-alone product. To those who love natural materials, we then offer the Beton-CiRÉ cement finish.


The customer can choose from several colours. You can combine multiple colours - we also offer the Due variant. The high versatility of this product is guaranteed. It can be combined with any other adjacent flooring material. The modified cement screed Beton-CiRÉ then, of course, offers a traditional, natural look.


All our systems are seamless. The polyurethane will surprise you with its slight elasticity while maintaining its toughness. Its thermal and insulation properties are also very favourable. The material is pleasant without underfloor heating, which will be appreciated by the client when it is applied on stairs. The surfaces are easy to clean, hygienic and hypoallergenic! The possibility to level out the heights of stairs is also a big advantage. We solve the problem of the fragility of the cement screed on the edge by installing a profile.