We most commonly apply the successful cement product Beton-CiRÉ. Its biggest advantage among other cement-based products is its limited elasticity. The polyurethane-based system Uno Wall is still unique. However, this tough material with a high flexibility and enormous colour selection is certainly not suitable for every room and every client.


You can define how you want the wall to appear in advance - with visible strokes or smooth, similar to raw concrete. However, when it comes to natural cement screeds, the client must respect the certain unpredictability that comes with this natural material. The system is affected not only by the steady hand of the applier, but also temperature and humidity. The colour range is quite broad, and it is also possible to define the seal of the system. There is a huge colour selection for polyurethane screeds with a minimal possibility of deviation, which is also defined accurately.


All systems are seamless and, therefore, easy to clean. They are also hypoallergenic and 100% sealed and impermeable to water and other liquids when sealed with varnish. They are thus suitable for use in bathrooms, including shower enclosures, and behind kitchen counters. Fireplaces are also worth mentioning.