We work with polyurethane most often. Its favourable technical properties predestine this material for the vast majority of interiors. The epoxy screed, which is used less today, is suitable for areas with high point loads. We offer cement floors to those who love natural materials.


The customer can choose from several colours. Upon selection of the basic shade, the customers can continue working on the design of their own floor. The customer can combine multiple colours, use various effects used in application of the system, or devise their own decoration together with the architect. Choosing the right texture of the sealing varnish is also important.


The seamlessness of all our systems is a significant advantage. Polyurethane will surprise you with its slight flexibility, which makes it pleasant to walk on this soft surface. Its thermal and insulating properties are also very favourable. The material is pleasant without underfloor heating, and it also behaves well in combination with underfloor heating. The surfaces are easy to clean, hygienic and hypoallergenic!