Polyurethane stairs

For several years we had developed a system that could functionally, monolithically, and in accordance with our high standards, bring a solution to the stairway finish between two floors with a polyurethane floor. This system is now protected by an industrial patent, and probably nobody knew that it will become such a hit, even in areas where, oddly enough, we don´t apply our floors. Why? The surface is tough, beautiful, and of course, highly functional and low maintenance. The possibility to choose many colours or a combination of colours is then the proverbial cherry (YES, today we can also do bicolour Due stairways).

Basic features:

  • seamless
  • impermeable to water and vapour
  • warm surface that is pleasant to walk on
  • UV stable (Uno Stairs)
  • it is flexible and bridges over cracks
  • durable
  • large colour selection
  • selecting the right topcoat